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Introduction to the Reports 2009
PCC Secretary's Report
Churchwardens Report
All Saints Deputy Churchwardens Report
St. Philip's Deputy Churchwardens Report
St. Stephen's Deputy Churchwardens Report

Maidstone Deanery Report
Electoral Roll Officer's Report
PCC Treasurer's Report and Accounts 2009

Financial Certificate 2009

Independent Examiner's Report







I do welcome these annual reports and commend them to all members of our congregations for reflection. Behind them is much work: on the buildings and general running of our churches by the Churchwardens and Deputy Churchwardens, on the financial side by Christopher Payne and Lionel Marchant; on the caring and hospitality of our churches so very many persons assist. I do thank everyone for all you have contributed in so many ways to the life of our parish.


Much that is important is inevitably not reflected in these reports. Just to name a few things; our musicians, those people who clean our churches week by week; those who help organize the Infant Sing along, the Primary School Carols and many special services and events, those who undertake minor repairs of a great variety of things.

2009 has seen considerable work in trying to raise funds in a difficult financial climate. St Philip’s is continuing to seek funds for improving its facilities and doing needed work to electrical matters and ceilings. All Saints Restoration Trust, after much effort, eventually raised the money for the repair of the South Nave Aisle, which should be completed by March 2010. This work caused much disruption inside All Saints in the autumn and I am grateful to those who helped minimize its effects; especially the church cleaners.


At the same time as maintenance continues the worship and pastoral side of our life continues well. It has been wonderful for us all to have both Priscilla Doe and Clinton Davies helping share the priestly ministry of the parish and to bring to us all, their particular gifts. Given my not enjoying the best of health, I am especially grateful to Priscilla and Clinton for doing more. We have seen several very good occasions this year, among them the Judges Service in October followed by a fine tea and the Confirmation by Bishop Stephen in September.


We face many challenges ahead. As our accounts show, considerable financial challenges. The Whole of Maidstone Deanery is finding it difficult to raise the money to pay their clergy. Several parishes, among them maybe ourselves, may have to share a priest with another parish. Alas discussions in the Deanery over the last two years have borne little fruit for the future. I hope the vision and energy of the new Bishop of Dover will help us all more.  It would help our work so very much if more would volunteer to help with the numerous tasks that need doing. May God continue to bless us and guide us in the years ahead.


Christopher Morgan - Jones
Vicar of Maidstone


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Objectives and Activities

All Saints with St. Philip PCC has the responsibility of cooperating with the Incumbent in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.


Structure, Governance and Membership

22858575 22852950 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110183775 110178150

The PCC is a registered with the Charity Commission under number 1134146 with effect from the 5th February 2010. Members of the PCC are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in accordance with the Church Representation Rules.


During 2009/10 the Membership of the Parochial Church Council was:-

All Saints Until St. Philip Until St. Stephen Until
Paul Crease 2010 * Michael Hocking 2011 Ann King 2011
Linda Cooper 2010 * Alan Gupwell 2010 *    
Roger Doe 2012 Carol Gupwell 2010    
Marguerite Hart 2012        
Shaun Trevithick 2012        
     * not eligible for re-election      
    Christopher Payne 2010    
    David Freed  * 2010    
    Mollie Neaves 2010    
     * not eligible for re-ele ction having s erved for six years  

 Deputy Churchwardens

Roger Manuell 2010 Denise Joy 2010 Marion Brookes 2010
Geoffrey Lay 2010 Barbara Cook 2010    
Deanery Synod          
Paul Farrant 2011 David Freed * 2011    
Paul Fletcher 2011 Lionel Marchant * 2011    
Pamela Ratcliffe 2011 * as Members of the D iocesan Synod    
The Revd. Canon
 Christopher Morgan-Jones
The Revd. Priscilla Doe          
The Revd. Clinton Davis (Co-opted)        


Meetings of the PCC
The Agendas and Minutes of the PCC and its subsidiary Committees are made available in all Worship Centres. The following is a summary of matters discussed during 2009.

Total membership of the PCC for 2009 = 25
Average attendance for 2009 = 11
Percentage attendance for 2009 = 46%

Correspondence for the PCC should be addressed to the Secretary: Geoffrey Lay, 37 Hayle Road, Maidstone, ME15 6PE


Meeting 7th February 2009
Possible attendance 24. Actual attendance 11. Percentage attendance 46%

The Minutes of PCC Sub-Committees were received - Standing Committee 2nd December 2008, Youth Committee 4th February 2009 and 28th October 2008, All Saints Committee 29th January 2009, St. Philip’s Church and Centre Committee 11th August 2008 and 27th January 2009.

 The Treasurer presented the current financial position. The accounts for St. Philip’s Church and Centre were also presented.

Also discussed were:-

(a) Up-dates on the restoration and improvements projects underway at All Saints and St. Philip’s
(c) Pastoral Care
(d) Archbishop Courtenay School


Meeting 16th April 2009
Possible attendance 24. Actual attendance 11. Percentage attendance 46%

Minutes of the PCC Meeting on the 7th February 2009 were received and approved as were the Minutes of the Standing Committee on the 10th March 2009 and the All Saints Committee on the 27th January 2009.

The Treasurer presented the current financial position for presentation at the APCM.

The following matters were discussed:-

(a) Procedure for the 2009 APCM including and up-date of the Electoral Roll from the Electoral Roll Officer for presentation at the APCM.
(b) The Parish Pastoral Care scheme
(c) Stewardship Committee
(d) Child Protection and the CRB
(e) The restoration and refurbishment projects at All Saints and St. Philip’s.


Meeting 23rd June 2009
Possible attendance 24. Actual attendance 9. Percentage attendance 38%

The Minutes of the PCC meeting on the 16th April 2009 as well as the Minutes of the Standing Committee on the 12th May 2009 were received and approved.

Reports were received on the following subjects:-

(a) The Treasurer presented information about the current financial position.
(b) The restoration and refurbishment projects at All Saints and St. Philip’s.
(c) The Stewardship Scheme
(d) Archbishop Courtenay School


Meeting 6th October 2009
Possible attendance 25. Actual attendance 15. Percentage attendance 60%

The Minutes of the PCC Meeting on the 23rd June 2009, Standing Committee on the 12th May 2009 and St. Philip’s Church and Centre Committee in 14th September 2009 were received and approved.

Reports were received on the following subjects:-

(a) The Treasurer presented information about the current financial position.
(b) The restoration and refurbishment projects at All Saints and St. Philip’s.
(c) Proposals for use of legacies received at St Philip’s.
(d) Archbishop Courtenay School
(e) The registration of the PCC as a charity
(f) Proposal for the future of the deanery were discussed 


Geoffrey Lay
PCC Secretary 

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We report on the condition of our two church buildings.


 All Saints Church


During the year we have been addressing matters that are still outstanding in the Quinnquennial Report received from the Architect in 2008. The recommendations of the report are being dealt with in conjunction with All Saints Restoration Trust as finance permits.


All Saints church has seven roofs all of which are inspected during the year by our architect and appropriate church officers. Six of the roofs are lead. Of these six four have been restored over recent years. During 2009 All Saints Restoration Trust began restoring the south nave aisle roof for which a Faculty had been obtained.


a) South Nave aisle roof – The timberwork is now finished and the new lead is being laid. The new lead is being marked with ‘Smart Water’.  The work is due to finish at the end of February 2010.   This work is expected to cost in the region of £230,000. The main nave roof and vestry roof remain serviceable for the time being.


Lightening Conductor
The church has a valid Lightening Conductor Certificate.


Rainwater disposal
Rainwater goods leave the church by way of soakaways. The church does not have main drainage.


The new electrical power and lighting system which was installed in the church in 2008 is working well. This was funded by All Saints Restoration Trust.


The Organ
The organ is used on a regular basis and is tuned at least three times each year.


The organ is generally in a good condition but, as with all instruments, regular tuning and maintenance is the key to long-term reliability. The organ is structurally sound and will continue to give good service for many more years. A major dismantling and cleaning overhaul should be considered in about 15 years time. The organ’s internal leather actions will be monitored over time, with the recommendation of the replacement of the Swell and Great power motor leathers undertaken in 2010, when the organ should be fully reliable for at least a further five years before further re-lathering might be required.

Some recommended work - The Swell and Great power motors re-leathering quoted recently, would include the repairs to the Swell Bassoon 16ft basses, which should be undertaken during 2010 and would cost about £350.00 plus VAT including all materials.

Fire extinguishers
All Saints has a contract for the supply and maintenance of appropriate fire extinguishers.


The churchyard, being a 'closed churchyard', is in the care of Maidstone Borough Council who are regularly advised when trees or vegetation becomes a threat to the church building.  John Grant, the Crime Prevention Officer has given a report on the security of the church and Churchyard.


All doors function as required and are marked as exits on the Emergency Evacuation Plan displayed in the church and in service books as they are printed.


The heating system functions correctly although the temperature in the church does not always reflect this. Normally this is due to the fact that doors are left open thereby allowing heat to exit the building. All Saints Restoration Trust together with our architect are investigating possible improvements.


Window ventilators
The window ventilators situated in the chancel roof area function as required.


Audio system
During the year the audio system was stolen. An insurance claim was made and a new audio system has been installed.


The bells, fittings and clock are all in satisfactory order.


Future repairs and restoration.
Lighting in Tower and North Turret – Awaiting funding.
Wall paintings – The Chairman and Secretary of All Saints Restoration Trust are actively seeking funding for this project.
Refurbishment of the Refreshment area – Funding in place – a suitable working time is awaited.
Removal of pews – awaiting funding.      


St. Philip’s Church


Work has been progressing on the recommendations of the Quinnquennial report received from the Architect in 2008 as finance becomes available.


The North roof - the gutters have been cleaned.  South Elevation Roof – Some tiles have been replaced.


Quiet Room 
The ceiling in the Quiet Room has been repaired at a cost of £5755.


Coffee Bar.
The Ceiling in the Coffee Bar will be repaired as soon as finance is available.


Some of the Buttresses will need re-pointing in the future


Lightening conductor
There is a valid Lightening Certificate.


Rainwater goods generally
Rainwater pipes are inspected regularly by a member of the congregation and smart water/paint has been applied


Rainwater gullies
The building has Main drainage.


Electrical inspection and report  
There is a valid Electrical certificate.


An Inspection has been carried out


This instrument is tonally particularly suited to the building, able to lead a congregation from a few to a full church. The organ is in a good condition but, as with all instruments, regular tuning and maintenance is the key to long-term reliability. The organ is structurally sound and will continue to give good service for many more years.

The Organ is used on a regular basis and is tuned three times a year

Fire extinguishers   
The new contract taken out with Kent Fire Protection is continuing.


Lighting is in regular use and working satisfactorily.


Vegetation close to church walls 
Regular maintenance is carried out by members of the congregation. The Tree and other vegetation have been removed from the front of the church to open this space up.


Doors and door furniture
All doors function as required all have illuminated Exits signs above them.


A new carpet has been fitted on the Altar Dias paid by money from Keith Reader and Margaret Standen bequests at £695.


Three Replacement heaters have been installed in the Church and one in the hall. Paid from the Keith Reader and Margaret Standen bequests at a cost of £4443


Audio system 
This is used on a regular satisfactory basis


Bell frame
St Philips has one bell which is rung regularly.


The Clock is working satisfactorily


There is Maintenance register and Asbestos register in the church,


John Grant the Crime Prevention Officer has given a report on the security of the church, many suggestions have been carried out and others suggestions will be as soon as finance is available.

Every matter that we have reported upon requires the time and skill of a small number of people to mitigate the cost of professional services. To everyone concerned we give our grateful thanks.

David Freed     Mollie Neaves


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2009 was a very busy year for All Saints. Our aim of making the building available for the use of the Community of Maidstone produced a variety of events resulting in income for the PCC just in excess of £10,000.00.

In January and February a small team of helpers began preparing the display for the annual Spring Singalong - this year on the theme of Nursery Rhymes - for Maidstone Area Primary Schools. The imaginative designs by Brian Cannell were transformed into ‘real life’ by the team led by Roger Manuell. One of the nursery rhymes sung by the children was London Bridge is falling down and thanks to the design talent of the team the bridge really did fall down at the appropriate point in the song much to the delight and surprise of the children!

March saw the first of the special services in All Saints – the Memorial Service for Andrew Rowe. On Palm Sunday All Saints choir sang Faure’s Requiem as well as being present at the Holy Week services in All Saints and of course on Easter Day. The culmination of the preparation work for the Spring Singalong came at the end of April when for the week beginning the 27th April All Saints welcomed 1,600 children, teachers and helpers from Maidstone Area Infant Schools.

In May the Lunchtime Concerts began and the traditional Mayor Making and Civic Services took place. Once again the Kent County Organists’ Association held their Organ Festival. June saw the second Recorder Festival arranged for Maidstone Area Primary Schools. The first of these Festivals took place in 2008 and was spread over three days with 438 children attending. Such was the popularity of the first Festival it was decided that the 2009 Festival should be spread over a complete week with the result that 697 children attended. In July Graduation Ceremonies for University of the Creative Arts and the European School of Osteopathy were held. In the same month the Military Funeral of Captain Ben Babington-Browne, killed in Afghanistan, took place. Ben grew up in Maidstone and attended Maidstone Grammar School. August saw the start of restoration work to the south nave aisle roof.

September saw special services were held to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of our branch of the Mothers’ Union, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Oakwood Park Grammar School, the triennial service for the Men of Kent and Kentish Men and also the annual service of the Royal West Kent Association. As is now traditional the Lunchtime Concerts concluded at the end of September with an organ recital by Dr. David Flood the Organist and Master of the Choristers at Canterbury Cathedral. The Lunchtime Concerts raised a total of £2,000.00 for various charities.

In October it was once again the turn of All Saints to host the Justice Service for the County of Kent. This service is taken in turn by Canterbury Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral and All Saints. October was also the occasion for a Confirmation Service at which Bishop Stephen Venner presided just before his retirement as Bishop of Dover. In November the annual service for the Pickard & Beale group of Funeral Directors was held.

December was extremely busy with Christmas Carol Concerts and Services for schools and other organisations. Once again All Saints was host to Maidstone Area Primary Schools for two days of   Sing Around Christmas carols attended by 500 children. On Christmas Day we were pleased to offer once again the use of the College Room for the provision of Christmas Lunch to those members of our Community not fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the fellowship of a family celebration. This lunch has taken place in All Saints College Room for a number of years originally inspired by Donald Doel, his family and friends. Following Donald's death his family continues to organise the lunch as well Sunday refreshments provided at the College Room archway.

Special functions have been held in the church in aid of All Saints Restoration and Development Trust. The dinners are especially appreciated by those who attend and the Saturday Market also makes a regular and valuable contribution to the Trust.

We are very grateful to everyone who gives of their time to ensure that All Saints functions as would be expected of the Parish Church of the County Town of Kent – our clergy, servers, choir and organists, bell ringers, sidesmen, intercessors, readers, Sunday School teachers and helpers, crèche, flower arrangers, church cleaners, the ‘vergers’ at weddings and funerals and others who quietly help in the life of the church. There is always a need for more people to help. If we are to maintain the level of activity that we have now reached it is imperative that new talent is identified and used. 

Roger Manuell                                                            Geoffrey Lay
      Deputy Churchwarden                                             Deputy Churchwarden

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We are pleased to report that St Philip’s Church and Centre has continued to thrive throughout 2009. This also gives us the opportunity to thank so many for their invaluable support during our services and activities.



The smooth running of our worship is dependent on members of our congregation working together as a team. This is achieved weekly and we thank everyone who makes this happen. Special thanks to our clergy for their continued guidance. 



Social and fundraising activities continue to take place on a regular basis, thanks to the Friends of St Philip’s Community Centre, members of our congregation and volunteers. We look forward to the many events planned for next year.


The Centre

The Centre continues to be utilized by many groups from our local community, achieved by the dedication and commitment of so many to keep our community centre open.

Our sincere thanks to our Churchwardens, committees, and congregation for their continued support.

We look forward to continuing to make progress in our aim to be hospitable place for worship and to enrich the life of our local community.


Barbara Cook    Denise Joy
Deputy Churchwardens


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I report that our regular two-weekly services continued to be supported by a reliable band of worshippers from Tovil and the wider community.


We maintain the pattern of a Family Service on the first Sunday of the month and a Family Eucharist on the third Sunday. Most of our regular congregation help by contributing to the services in some way, by serving, reading and intercessing, taking the Family Service, and most importantly making the coffee after the service.


On the Saturday before Mothering Sunday In March we held our first Mothering Sunday Activity, with children coming to make cards arrange posies and ice biscuits.  This proved successful and we saw some new faces and were able to share some valuable time together.

In July the congregation, following the Family Service, met at Teston River Park and shared a picnic, games and enjoyed the locks, and the weather was even kind to us.

In December we arranged our second ‘Come and make your own Christingle’ activity, which again was well supported.  Families made their own individual Christingles and we shared a short service to conclude the event.


We look forward to the time in the future when we will be worshipping in the new school, and hope that at that time we may have further opportunities to attract additional members to our congregations. 


Marion Brooks
Deputy Churchwarden


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The membership of Maidstone Deanery is made up of the clergy from the ten parishes and two, three or four laity members dependent on the electoral roll of that parish.


Deanery Synod Meetings were held in February, May and October. Prior to each Deanery Meeting there was a meeting of the Standing Committee.


The Maidstone Deanery welcomed two new members:

The Reverend Steven Price Curate in Charge at All Saints Loose and

The Reverend Mark Borley Priest in Charge St Nicholas Allington


At all the meetings there were representatives of both clergy and laity from the churches in the Maidstone Deanery.

All the meetings commenced with a short act of worship led by the host church

For all meetings agendas and papers were circulated, and at the meetings all minutes were approved and signed.


A sub group was formed of clergy and laity – The Mission and Ministry Group - to explore different Deanery models to achieve financial sustainability and greater energy for mission. A Deanery Morning – “Creating a model of the Deanery” …a strategy for the future - was held in September with Revd Richard King and Canon Kerry Thorpe leading the morning.  The Mission and Ministry Group extended the invitation to all Treasurers and Churchwardens in the Deanery.


Meeting on 5 February at Christ Church Parkwood

A presentation was given by John Cunningham of the current work of Church in Society.

 Treasurers Report - the accounts for 2008 were circulated .There was also a discussion regarding the annual subscription to the Deanery, and finance during interregnums.

A resolution from St Andrews regarding the payment of the Parish Share which is not just giving St Andrews problems but also other churches in the Deanery.

A Parish Report was presented by one of the members of Christ Church Parkwood.

Notification was given of elections to the Diocesan Synod due in May


Meeting on 7 May at St Michaels & All Angels Church

The Treasurer gave a report.

Election papers for election to the Diocese had been circulated.

A volunteer was required for the Citizens Advice Bureau

A Deanery Charity Supper in aid of Maidstone Street Pastors was suggested

Clusters within the Synod had been looked at again

A Parish Report was given by Father Paul Gibbons

Ann McDonald gave a report on her training to be an Assistant Lay Minister and Eileen Lander gave a report on her training for ordination.


Meeting on 8 October at St Faiths Church

The Treasurer gave a report

The Revd Canon Arthur Houston (Area Dean) and Mrs Heather Taylor (Lay Chairman) repeated the presentation from 19 September on the Deanery Day in September.

A job description for the new Area Dean was presented.

There was discussion on the proposed model for the Maidstone Deanery presented by the Mission and Ministry Group

A Parish Report was given by Revd Jackie Cray


The new Area Dean is Revd Andrew Sewell at present Vicar of Otham and Langley who will be taking up his appointment in 2010.


Pamela Ratcliffe


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All Saints Resident













All Saints Non Resident













St. Philip’s Resident













St. Philip’s

Non Resident













St. Stephen’s Resident













St. Stephen’s

Non Resident



























Michael Hocking
Electoral Roll Officer


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On the face of it, 2009, from a financial point of view for this parish, is much like the last 2 years, for we have failed to pay our Parish Share in full and our accumulated deficit grows ever larger.


We are not paying our way and are heavily indebted to the Diocese. Our Electoral Roll of just over 150 parishioners provides the bulk of our income, out of which we have to maintain two buildings (one Grade 1 listed), pay for our Vicar (via the Parish Share contribution) and other costs as listed in the accounts. Our liabilities are more than our assets, which is never a good thing! We have been able to get away with this state of affairs so far because we are not paying the Diocese what we owe, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with the method used to calculate the Parish Share. This is a situation that cannot go on for ever because the Diocese is in the same position as us – costs increasing and fewer resources to meet them. We know that the limitations of Diocesan finance has led to an increasing number of parishes only receiving ‘part time’ parish priests when the time has come for a change of priest for whatever reason. Our parish is not excluded from this possibility.


There are however a few reasons to be cheerful:-

First, following a very successful Stewardship Presentation in May and a strong follow up by the Stewardship Committee led by Roger Doe, there was a significant increase in giving by Parishioners, especially at All Saints. This may lead to an increase in giving, including tax reclaimable, of as much as £8,000 in a full year for the Parish.


Second, our expenditure (Parish Share excluded), has remained relatively unchanged in total as we have sought to keep our costs down. We have carried out a full review of our heating & lighting costs at both Churches and have replaced our energy suppliers at both. In 2010 we plan to review other costs across the board with a view to changing suppliers where it is appropriate to do so.


Third we have several people who work behind the scenes to ensure our Church buildings are not only used on Sundays for an hour or two, but at other times throughout the week. This provides a valuable contribution to our income which helps offset the high cost of lighting and heating our Church buildings.


Finally, we have congregations at three places of worship who are dedicated to this Parish and its future. I have noticed as a worshipper at St Philip that several new faces in the last 12 months now regularly attend services and I believe the same is true at All Saints. This is the way forward for our Parish by welcoming new people into our Churches and encouraging them to play a part in our Parish Life both through their various talents and through financial giving.


All of the above gives me hope that despite our current financial woes, we can look forward to the future with a modicum of confidence.


Looking at the accounts in more detail, as always, the accounts are prepared on the accruals basis. This means they show the position if all income had been received and all expenditure paid by the end of the year. Detailed debtors and creditors arising from this are listed on the final page of the accounts. 




The Balance Sheet is a summary of the Parish’s net assets. The net assets at 31 December 2009 stood at £-47,324 (2008 £-36,043). Our net liability has increased in particular due to the deficits on the ordinary accounts for both All Saints and St Philips.




This page is a summarises the General Purposes Funds, the Other Restricted Funds and the Restricted Funds.




This page represents the Parish Ordinary and Extra Ordinary income and expenditure items that are shown in more detail elsewhere.


All Saints with St Philip Ordinary Account

I have already stated that Planned Giving in the Parish has increased over 2008, in fact by 6%. At All Saints the increase is even more impressive + 11.8%. Sundry Donations at both Churches increased as did fees for weddings and Funerals. I would also like to state that collections and giving from the congregation at St Stephens totalled £300 (2008 -£193), and only because of limitations in the presentation of these accounts, this amount is included with All Saints income.   


As I alluded to above, our total expenditure has remained relatively unchanged from 2008 with the exception of Parish Share which increased by £8,352. We have been told by the Diocese that this increase of 15% over 2008 was largely due to a need for all parishes to provide extra financial resources to overcome the projected deficit in the Clergy Pension Fund. In 2010 the increase in our Parish Share contribution is less than 2%. Our Parish Share of £64,044 represents 59.4% of our total expenditure and if you were to remove it from the figures our expenditure has increased by less than £250 over 2008. In last year’s Treasurer’s Report I highlighted the ever increasing costs of utilities and I can report that we have now switched to cheaper suppliers. Clergy expenses have increased by £557, Choir costs by £879 and printing, stationery & postage which have increased by £1,260.


These higher costs have partly been offset by reductions in Minor Repairs and Upkeep of Services. Details of creditors are shown on page 8 and include the increase owed to the Diocese for unpaid Parish Share which now stands at £99,916.


All Saints with St Philip Extra Ordinary Account

This account continues to be used for income and expenditure of a one off nature. Income at All Saints shows an insurance claim for the Audio Equipment stolen last year. Expenditure shows an identical amount being the replacement cost of the same. Income and Expenditure at St Philips shows costs of the ceiling and heating funded by grants from St Philip’s Centre and Community Trust. The balance of these costs was paid out of the Legacies mentioned below.




Fee Account – This is a clearing account for monies received and paid under the headings shown. It includes PCC Fees earned from weddings and funerals and also monies received from use of All Saints Church by third parties. (This continues to be an important source of income for All Saints and special thanks must go to Lionel Marchant for developing this income stream.) These fees are transferred to the main PCC account on a regular basis.


Community Account – The figures show a small deficit of £32 for the Parish magazine.


St. Philip Centre – The Centre has recorded a surplus of £1,463 this year building on the good result achieved in 2008. This gives an accumulated fund of £5,064. Many thanks are given to Janet Dredge for her continuing work controlling Centre bookings and also to Carolyn Parslow for her first year as Centre Book-keeper.


All Saints Church Shop – The shop has recorded a small deficit of £35 due in part to a donation of £200 to All Saints Restoration and Development Trust.


All Saints Bellringers – The accounts show a deficit of £703 for the society.


Organ and Choir Fund – The figures reported show an increase in the fund of £152 giving an accumulated fund of £2,375.


St Philip Legacy – The Parish received two legacies in 2009 totalling £20,000 from Keith Reader and Margaret Standen. A breakdown of the expenditure is shown on page 8. A balance of £9,907 is carried forward to 2010.




These are two small investments held by the Canterbury Board of Finance (CBF) and the Official Custodian for Charities. All income deriving from these funds is expended as shown. Please note that these investments were sold in January 2010 and the proceeds were passed to All Saints Restoration and Development Trust at the request of English Heritage as part of the agreement to obtain a grant to repair the south nave aisle roof at All Saints.


My thanks go to all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes banking and recording monies, keeping accurate records and ultimately helping me to produce these accounts.


One final thought, if all of those on the electoral roll could give an extra £1 per week, this would result in an extra £8,000 per year for our Parish and this would greatly improve our financial position – an extra £2 per week would bring us close to break even (with gift aid) – but we all have to sign up for it!


Christopher Payne

Hon PCC Treasurer


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We certify that the Accounts shown below were presented to and approved by the Parochial Church Council of All Saints with St. Philip, Maidstone at a meeting of the Council held at 7.30pm on the 12th April 2010 in St. Philip’s Church Centre, Waterloo Street, Maidstone, Kent.


Christopher Payne
Honorary Treasurer
All Saints with St. Philip PCC  


Lionel Marchant
Lay Vice Chairman
All Saints with St. Philip PCC


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This report on the financial statements of the PCC for the year ended 31st December 2009, which are set out below is in respect of an examination carried out in accordance with the Church Accounting Regulations 2006 (‘the Regulations’) and S.43 of the Charities Act 1993 (‘the Act’).


Respective Responsibilities of Trustees and Examiner


As the members of the PCC you are responsible for the preparation of the financial statements; you consider that the audit requirement of Regulation 5 and Section 43(2) of the Act do not apply.  It is my responsibility to issue this report on those financial statements in accordance with the terms of Regulation 5.


Basis of Independent Examiner’s Report


My examination was carried out in accordance with the General Directions given by the Charity Commission under Section 43(7)(b) of the Act and to be found in the Church guidance, 2006 edition, issued by the Finance Division of the Archbishops Council.  That examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the PCC and a comparison of the financial statements with those records.  It also includes considering any unusual items or disclosures in the financial statements and seeking explanations from you as Trustees concerning any such matters.  The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on the view given by the financial statements.


Independent Examiner’s Statement


In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention:


1)  which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements


to keep accounting records in accordance with Section 41 of the Act; and


to prepare financial statements which accord with the accounting records and to comply with

the requirements of the Act,  and the Regulations have not been met; or


2) to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the

    financial statements to be reached.




Allan R. Hickie ACA

Spain Brothers

Thames House,

Roman Square,

Sittingbourne, Kent.


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  BALANCE SHEET                  
  AT 31 DECEMBER 2009                
    General   Other       Total    Total   
    Purposes   Unrestricted   Restricted   Funds   Funds  
    Funds   Funds   Funds   2009   2008  
Fixed Assets                      
Equipment   0           0   0  
Official Custodian for Charities 4845       780   5625   5191  
CBF Funds   0       2127   2127   1945  
    4845   0   2907   7752   7136  
Current Assets                      
Stock     0   47   0   47   73  
Debtors     0   0       0   0  
Cash at Bank and in Hand 25512   23094       48606   38004  
    25512   23141   0   48653   38077  
Liabilities : Amounts falling due                   
  within one year                    
Bank overdraft               0      
Creditors     103729   0       103729   81256  
    103729   0   0   103729   81256  
Net Current Assets   -78217   23141   0   -55076   -43179  
NET ASSETS   -73372   23141   2907   -47324   -36043  
FUNDS     -73372   23141   2907   -47324   -36043  





      at 31 DECEMBER 2009                
          All saints St Philip All saints St Philip          
General Purposes Funds All Saints St. Philip X-Ord X-Ord X-Ord X-Ord Other Total   Total  
      Ordinary Ordinary Non-Cap Non-Cap Capital Capital Investments 2009   2008  
Incoming Resources                        
Incoming Resources from donors 48847 16521   0       65368   61858  
Other voluntary incoming resources 4071   0 2916       6987   9797  
Incoming resources from operating activities                    
to further the Council's objects   440 0           440   440  
Resources from other funds   12646 0   2000       14646   10551  
Other incoming resources       9325         9325   0  
Income from investments   0 0   1 8 4 205 218   661  
Total incoming Resources   66004 16521 9325 4917 8 4 205 96984   83307  
Resources Used                          
Cost of Generating Funds   90 96           186   146  
Grants           0 116       116   285  
Transferred to other Funds   0             0   540  
Activities directly related to the work of                      
the church   72679 30328   0     205 103212   96001  
Church Management and administration 2621 1615           4236   2737  
Other Expenses         9325 2800       12125   15053  
Total Resources used   75390 32039 9325 2916 0 0 205 119875   114762  
Net Incoming (Outgoing) Resources -9386 -15518 0 2001 8 4 0 -22891   -31455  
Loss on sale of investments                 0   0  
Increase/(decrease) in value of                         
investments               371 371   -1363  
Balances at 1st January 2009   30395 -18423 -13495 -9310 -48387 3311 5057 -50852   -18033  
Balances at 31st December 2009 21009 -33941 -13495 -7309 -48379 3315 5428 -73372   -50851  




          St Philip All Saints   Organ &          
Other Unrestricted Funds Fee Community  Centre Church All Saints Choir  SP Total   Total  
      Account Accounts Accounts Shop Bellringers Fund Legacy 2009   2008  
Incoming Resources                        
Incoming Resources from donors             20000 20000   0  
Other voluntary incoming resources               0   0  
Incoming resources from operating activities                    
to further the Council's objects   47673 1116 13175 235 2639 150   64988   52886  
Activities for generating funds                        
Resources from other funds                 0   0  
Other incoming resources                 0   0  
Income from investments     1 1   1 2   5   585  
Total incoming Resources   47673 1117 13176 235 2640 152 20000 84993   53471  
Resources Used                          
Cost of Generating Funds                        
Grants             200       200   0  
Transferred to other Funds   12646           2000 14646   10011  
Activities directly related to the work of                      
the church   34785 1149 11713 70 3343   0 51060   42046  
Church Management and administration               0   0  
Other Expenses           0     8093 8093   27349  
Total Resources used   47431 1149 11713 270 3343 0 10093 73999   79406  
Net Incoming (Outgoing) Resources 242 -32 1463 -35 -703 152 9907 10994   -25935  
Increase in market value of investments                      
Balances at 1st January 2009   974 2484 3601 414 2451 2223 0 12147   38082  
Balances at 31st December 2009 1216 2452 5064 379 1748 2375 9907 23141   12147  




    AT 31 DECEMBER 2009            
Restricted Funds   EF   Disc   Total   Total  
      Hills   Fund   2009   2008  
Incoming Resources                  
Income from investments   35   96   131   128  
Total incoming Resources   35   96   131   128  
Resources Used                    
Activities directly related to the work of                
the church           0   0  
Church Management and administration 35   96   131   128  
Total Resources used   35   96   131   128  
Net Incoming (Outgoing) Resources 0   0   0   0  
Balances at 1st January 2009   717   1945   2662   3577  
(Decrease)/Increase in market value of                 
Investments - Unrealised 63   182   245   -915  
Proceeds on disposal of investments         0   0  
Loss on sale of Investments   0   0   0   0  
Balances at 31st December 2009 780   2127   2907   2662  



      at 31 DECEMBER 2009            
          All saints St Philip          
General Purposes Funds All Saints St. Philip X-Ord X-Ord Other Total   Total  
      Ordinary Ordinary Non-Cap Non-Cap Investments 2009   2008  
Incoming Resources                    
Incoming Resources from donors                  
Planned Giving                    
  Gift Aid Donations   32261 10302       42563   40758  
  Income Tax Recoverable 9488 2924       12412   11505  
  Other Planned Giving 1078 2207       3285   2698  
Collections (open plate) 4840 509       5349   5709  
Sundry Donations   1180 579       1759   1188  
      48847 16521 0 0   65368   61858  
Other voluntary incoming resources                  
Fees returned from the Diocese 4071         4071   2954  
Donations, Appeals, Grants     0 2916   2916   6844  
Income Tax Recoverable        0   0   0  
      4071 0 0 2916   6987   9798  
Incoming resources from operating activities                
to further the Council's objects                    
Church Hall   440 0       440   440  
      440 0       440   440  
Income from investments                    
Dividend & Interest including any                
reclaimable tax   0 0     205 205   228  
      0 0     205 205   228  
Other incoming resources                    
Insurance Claim - AS Audio Equipment   9325     9325      
          9325     9325      




      at 31 DECEMBER 2009            
          All saints St Philip          
General Purposes Funds All Saints St. Philip X-Ord X-Ord Other Total   Total  
      Ordinary Ordinary Non-Cap Non-Cap Investments 2009   2008  
Resources Used                      
Cost of Generating Funds                    
Stewardship   90 96       186   146  
      90 96 0 0   186   146  
Grants Charitable Giving                    
National Charities       0 61   61   215  
Local Charities       0 55   55   70  
          0 116   116   285  
Activities directly related to the work of                  
the church                    
Ministry - Parish Share 40348 23696       64044   55692  
Minisrty - Clergy exps, office exp 4141 2252       6393   5836  
Church Running Exps 19254 3205       22459   22787  
Minor Repairs   1202 695       1897   3660  
Upkeep of Services   341 298       639   1014  
Salaries (incl Choir)   6017 14       6031   5152  
Church Hall   711 0       711   541  
PCC Property   125 74       199   189  
Young People (Sunday sch etc.) 108 64       172   362  
Other     432 30     205 667   768  
      72679 30328 0 0 205 103212   96001  
Church Management and administration                  
Printing, Stat & Postage 1504 961       2465   1205  
Bank Charges   571 334       905   584  
Audit Fee     546 320       866   948  
      2621 1615       4236   2737  
Other Expenses - St Philips Ceiling (part)       2500   2500   0  
         - St Philip Heating (part)       300   300   0  
        - AS Audio Equipment     9325     9325      
                        - Repair to War Memorial           0   167  
                        - Refurb College Room Toilets         0   5523  
        - St Philips Electrics & Ceiling         0   9364  
          9325 2800   12125   15054  












Notes to the accounts






























All assets have been fully depreciated



































Staff costs during the year were made up as follows:













Wages & Salaries







Soc Sec Costs, Pension Contra Benefits in Kind








































Total Resources Used includes the following amount payable in respect of :-











Independent Examination Services





































Parish Share 2002-04, 2007-09






Church Running Exps







Audit Fee
















Minor repairs








Church Hall








Church, Management & Admin






Upkeep of Services





















































General purposes