All Saints Church, Maidstone.     THE TOWER CLOCK.

 The clock was made by Gillett & Johnston of Croydon in 1899,

Striking bells 1,2,3, and 6 every quarter, and striking the hours on the tenor bell.

The Clock was overhauled by the same firm in 2007 including repainting the dials.

The clock mechanism:-

Left – Strike.        Centre – Going (Time)             Right – Chime.

The weights are now automatically wound by electric motors.

In earlier times the drive was taken through the opening in the wall behind the mechanism. In those days there was also a Carillon – probably disconnected at this change of drive layout.  It is said that the Carillon mechanism was removed to Maidstone Museum – where sadly it seems to have vanished…. A great loss to Maidstone!

Cogs that turn the hands on the outside dials

Westminster chime activator


The electric winding mechanism

 Photographs Andrew Clarke 2010




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