Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Karkaredg, the only son of Gervase Karkaredg, Gentleman, and Mary, daughter pf George Hills of Eggerton near Godmersham, Gentleman.

Who, after he had lived with his wife Anna (the daughter of Arthur Franklyn of Wye, Gentleman) most lovingly for almost fifty years, without any family, passed away from this life on the 1st December 1639, aged 72 years.

"This mark (slight though it be) of her love for her buried husband has his most sorrowing relict caused to be erected to him whose loss was most deservedly regretted.

"reader do thou imitate him in life, in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and to that end leaving bequests in perpetuity an imperishable reward.

"Sooner or later every one' urn is shaken, i.e., everyone's turn to die must come."


The Thomas Karkaredg Memorial is to be found
on the north wall of Holy Name Chapel.

It is a large, impressive memorial depicting a man and wife kneeling
facing each other dressed in Puritan Clothes.

Below the monument is a black slab with an inscription which seems to connect the family of Franklyn
into which he married with that of Gilbert Innes one of the clergy of the church.

The inscription reads:

"Near this marble lieth the body of
who dies the 23rd of Septr. 1758
aged 68 years
Also Jane, his wife
daughter of the Rev. Gilbert Innes
Formerly Minister of this Parish
Who died the 26th of May 1754
aged 56 years.

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