Near the South Door is a wall monument to Lawrence Washington (died 1619) He lived in nearby Knightrider Street and was collateral forbear to President George Washington


The inscription reads:

"Mortis Morte Immortalis"

" Here resteth the body of Lawrence Washington. Esq., of the
Family of the Washingtons, antientlie of Washington in the
Countie Palatine of Durham;   Register of the High Court of

Chancery XXVII years. He had two wyvfs, Martha, daughter of  Clement Newco of Hartfordshire, Esq. and Mary, daughter of Sir Raynold Scott of this Countie, Knight. By his first he had 5 sons and 2 daughters, Lawrence and Mary, the eldest only lyving.

Lawrence succeeded him in his Office, married Ann, daughter of William Lewyn, Judge of the Prerogative Court. Mary married William Horsepoole of this Parish, Gentleman. His other daughter Martha married to Arthure Beswick, Gentleman, sonne of

William Beswick of this County, Esq.

“He having lived a Vertuous life of singular Intiecrity in this place, being of the age of LXXIII yeares, died the XXI of December A.D. 1619 

"A Faithful believer in the meritts and mercies of his Saviour.
" To whose memory his Sonne hath erected this Monument.
" Though after my skinne Worms destroy this Body Yet shal  I see
God in my flesh."


The family tree shows Lawrence Washington's relationship with George Washington, the first President of the United States of America. Lawrence Washington is known to have lived in Maidstone since at least 1601 when the Burghmote Book records him becoming a Freeman of the Town.

In 1603, he was elected as one of the two Members of Parliament for Maidstone. He lived at Jordan's Hall in Stone Street and Dygons in Knightrider Street. He died on the 21st December 1619. He was a lawyer. Registrar of the High Court. of Chancery for 27 years, and a Justice of the Peace for the County of Kent.

His memorial in All Saints' Church used to stand on the north side of the High Altar. When the Wall Painting was installed in the chancel in the early 20th century, the memorial was moved to the south side of the nave just to the east of the Tower (south west) Door.

At the top of the memorial is his coat of arms, three stripes quartered with a gold cross on a black background.

The Washington

Coat of Arms




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